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What is iDfast?

iDfast is an emergency identification aid. It communicates crucial information for you when you are physically unable to do so for yourself.

It can contain vital information such as:


Emergency contact person

Phone number

Important medical information

Drug allergies

Why iDfast?

It may not be possible to carry identification documents with you all the time. Even if you do, most do not contain emergency numbers or important medical information. Having this information on you can make a big difference, especially if it is potentially life-saving.

How does iDfast work?

iDfast is an accessory you can wear. Your information is laser-engraved onto the accessory. It is not a device with coded information – it is simply visible information at a close distance. As such, your iDfast can provide emergency contact information to first responders, and can also inform medical personnel of your pertinent medical information.

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